high quality
waterproofing systems
Liquid waterproofing
Comparatively "young" technology, but already proved to be exclusively positive.
The main advantage of liquid protection is obvious – it can protect the surface of any geometry and texture.

There is a number of characteristics that an ideal type of waterproofing should have - safety for human health, resistance to a wide range of climatic conditions, high maximum service life of this coating, elasticity, fast and convenient installation, reliable protection against water.
Reliable and professional waterproofing materials ISOPOLANT – are the guarantee of durability of building structures of any complexity and for any purpose.
are used for primer coatings before applying basic waterproofing coatings
are materials for compaction of corner joints of bearing structures, for joints and seams, for roof parts and elements
Waterproofing coatings
are liquid, seamless monolithic membranes
Protective/finish coatings
are used to protect polyurethane waterproofing coatings
Hydrophobic injections
is a polyurethane, hydro-active, injection resin of hydrophobic type based
ANT Alliance is the official owner of the ISOPOLANT trademark and the exclusive supplier of ISOPOLANT products worldwide.